April 2005

My good friend, Wesley Smith, debated Florida bioethicist Bill Allen on Court TV on March 24, 2005, as Terri Schiavo lay dying in a Florida hospice.He then wrote about that exchange five days later in the National Review Online, and had everyone, including Rush Limbaugh, who read his article on the air, buzzing. Wesley effectively […]

The following comes from Father Frank Pavone’s most recent message to supporters of Priests for Life: You may have seen on the news that I was at Terri Schiavo’s bedside during the last 14 hours of her earthly life, right up until five minutes before her death. During that time with Terri, joined by her […]

A friend writes: And He is smiling, a bit sadly, and saying to Karol Wytola, “I was hungry and you tried to feed me.” And Karol, now unbent, will say, “When did I try to feed you, Lord?” And He will point to Terri Schiavo and Robert Wendland, now beautiful and vital in their glorified […]

I don’t know about all of you, but I am just plain weary of hearing about, thinking about, talking about, contemplating death. The world spent the past two weeks on two deathwatches, the likes of which I don’t recall ever observing before. First, of course, there was the murder of Terri Schiavo. The world watched […]

Read what my dear friend, Wesley J. Smith, believes Terri’s legacy can be. Thanks for reading “Colloquium”!

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